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Scripture reading        Genesis 19-20

When he hesitated, the men grasped his hand and the hands of his wife and of his two daughters and led them safely out of the city, and the LORD was merciful to them.          Genesis 19:16

The account of Lot and his family causes me to really consider the mercy of God. Here is a man who apparently had become so settled in a city of wickedness that it had distorted his response to God’s love. It had also impacted his family in a very negative way. So much so that it caused his wife to look back and die and his daughters to be moved to improper relations with him. What was it about Lot that caused God to act in mercy? I think we find the answer in 19:29. God remembered Abraham. Abraham had interceded for Lot and God responded to Abraham’s prayers. He brought Lot out of the catastrophe, even though, apparently, Lot was unaware.

I am moved to consider the people I know who are standing in opposition to God—people who claim the name of Jesus and yet are making choices contrary to His will. They stand in pride, which places them in opposition to God. How do I pray for them? I need to pray that God will show them His mercy, drawing them to repentance. And then, I need to keep myself pure in this generation. I must see if, in any way, I would need God to drag me away from the world.

Dear LORD, please help me see the danger of living in a world that is moving rapidly away from You. Keep me holy. Help me see Your will and follow it! Amen.

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