Holy, holy, holy

“Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!”                                      Revelation 4:8

Again today, take the time to read or listen to Revelation 4-5. Today we consider what it means to worship God because of who he is. The essential qualities and nature of God make him alone worthy of worship. There is none other that deserves this worship. As we continue to look through the open door, we see who worships God in heaven. We see who is around the throne. First, we are introduced to twenty-four elders seated around the throne on thrones of their own. They are clothed in white and have golden crowns signifying victory and purity. Further in we see the seven torches of fire and then we see four living beings. There is lightning and there is thunder. What a scene! Imagine this if you can! Imagine seeing it and then needing to put it into words. The twenty-four elders are possibly angels or possibly men who symbolize the people of God in heaven. The latter would align with the twenty-four priests that represented the whole of the priests in 1 Chronicles 24:3-5. The seven torches represent the completeness of God and symbolize the Holy Spirit, the fire reminds us of judgment. Lightning and thunder are a signal that the storm is coming. The four living beings remind us of the seraphim of Isaiah 6 and the cherubim of Ezekiel 1. They are the ones closest to the throne. They are in a constant state of worship. Even as they perform the roles they are given (as seen in chapter 6) they are in a state of worship. The first worship we see is worship that is motivated by who God is. It is not about what he has done—it is about who he is. God is worthy of worship because he is God. He is holy, holy, holy. His attributes and nature are worthy of adoration and praise. The four living beings declare God’s holiness, his omnipotence, and his eternality. Just those three aspects of his essential nature are enough to incite spontaneous, ecstatic praise! Today, think about the nature and character of God. Try to think of him considering not what he has done, but in light of who he is. Consider his attributes and his nature. Think of the ones you know—look up some you do not. Cry out in song to the Almighty Lord God who is forever and who is holy, holy, holy.  

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