Open Door

Open door

After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven!          Revelation 4:1

This week we will look at Revelation 4 & 5. Find the time each day this week to read or listen to these two chapters, asking God to teach you about worship. Revelation is written by John the Apostle. Most believe that it was written around A.D. 95 while he was in exile on the island of Patmos. While there, God gave him a vision. He was commanded to write it down. It would consist of things that he had seen, those that are, and those that are to take place after this (1:19). This lays out the outline for the book. Revelation 1 reveals the things that he had seen, chapters 2-3 declare the things that are (the letters to the churches of John’s time) and finally chapters 4-22 tell of the things that will take place after the time of writing. The book itself contains a wonderful presentation of prophecy which is best understood alongside the prophecies of the Old Testament that speak of the end times as well. But we will look at that at a different time, should the Lord allow. This week, we will focus on a moment in heaven that is captured in the section of the book that had not happened at the time of John’s writing this letter. A door standing open in heaver is what John sees and he is taken up to see what must take place. As he is taken up, he sees the throne of God. The throne is of major emphasis in the book of Revelation but look how many times the throne mentioned in Revelation 4.  The throne of God represents his sovereignty. In John’s vision of the throne (4:3) he sees God having the appearance of jasper, carnelian, and an emerald rainbow around the throne. The jasper stone(clear) is believed to represent his holiness and the carnelian (red) his justice. The emerald rainbow seems to be a full circle that reminds the reader of the covenant of God with Noah and the mercy revealed by that rainbow. This will have significance as these chapters introduce the coming judgement. The rainbow is a reminder that God’s mercy is as great as his majesty. His sovereignty will not triumph at the expense of his mercy. Justice and mercy. As you go through your day, consider the throne of God. Is he sovereign over your life? Consider the justice and the mercy of God. How does each impact your worship of him?     

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